Our Clients


OEMPL believes in working hand in gloves with its clients. We support our clients on every step pertaining to our services. OEMPL helps achieve clients’ goal by meeting clients’ expectation.

OEMPL believes in compliance with every norms, rules and guidelines so that safety of our clients is ensured. OEMPL strategies for its clients, discusses and exchanges the views and shares feedback this is how it accomplishes and maintains the safety and provides world class services. We know client is the key element for any and every business hence we value our clients.

OEMPL is seafarers own company. OEMPL is always dedicated towards the betterment and uplift of seafarers’ status and presence in the society and marine Industry because seafarers are integral part of OEMPL. OEMPL has created a pool of seafarers who are loyal, smart, laborious and willing to perform on board as per expected. OEMPL has signed agreement with those seafarers for delivering good performance on board so that projects of ship owner are achieved in time. It increases job opportunity for seafarers. We felicitate such seafarers by distributing a part of our company profit with them like we do it for our stake holders. We believe that every seafarer is a stake holder in our company’s growth and achievement.

Seafarers are the basic energy behind completion of every marine related project. OEMPL is committed to ensure and ascertain safety, security, Insurance etc... of the seafarers.

As OEMPL understands the seafarers, it works towards the social and mental well being of its seafarers.

OEMPL increases professionalism and awareness in seafarers through skill trainings, motivation and transforms them as world class seafarer to perform and give his/ her best on board and on shore as well. OEMPL appreciates the performances of its seafarers through rewards and recognition and motivates others to perform better.


  • RPSL-MUM-260
    Issued by-Seamen's Employment Office, Mumbai - India


  • 2017-11-09 07:09:20