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Flag State Certification



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Certificate of Endoresment

Flag State Certification

Flag State Authorities are prestigious authorities. It is very obvious that there is a need of Flag state Certification to ship owner and seafarers time to time. Many seafarers (crew) apply for CoC, CDC, CoE and Watchkeeping to various Flag State Authorities like Panama, Honduras, Liberia, UK, Belize etc...

 It is found that there are many frivolous agents claiming to issue Flag state certification. It leads to fluctuating fees of flag state certification in the market for seafarers and ship owners.  It impacts prestige and image of Flag State Authority, sometimes seafarers also fall prey to such unethical agents.


OEMPL wants and has capacity to organize and bring Flag State Certification services to a single point of contact for ship owner and seafarers some of the key features are as under.


Easy to reach / Expanded Network:

Seafarers and vessel owners can easily reach Flag State Authority for their need through our Global network and vice versa.

Local Language Support:

OEMPL can provide local language support through local network representative, making it easier to communicate for seafarers and vessel owners.

Real Time Support:

Seafarers and Ship owners can be served in their area and time zone through our global network for any flag state certification requirements.

Organized Channel:

OEMPL wants to eradicate unprofessional and unethical practices so that the ship owners and seafarers get right Guidance and treatment and services for availing Flag state certification services with full compliance.


OEMPL is bridging the gap between Flag state Authorities to Ship owners and seafarers making its services approachable globally and thus establishing image and goodwill of Flag State Authority Globally.

OEMPL received ' BEST SEAFARER RECRUITER IN INDIA' award on 7th Aug 2017.

The event was organised by Worldwide Achievers Group in Association with ZEE BUISINESS.

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