Our corporate policy is based on our core values which are Honesty, Transparency, Loyalty and Quality. We work with the fullest of our capacity to earn gratitude from our clients, seafarers, associates and internal customers (employees) at the same time we are grateful to them for being part of our journey.


OEMPL knows that if client, seafarers or associates have chosen us for any services then its our responsibility to match up to their expectations. In doing this we take care of safety, environment, compliances, norms and on time delivery of quality services.


We believe that we are an integral part of this society we live and operate in. No entities are of use or have real meaning of existence unless and until it becomes a part of society. OEMPL is part of this society and cares for it from its core. OEMPL expresses its gratitude towards its society by reciprocating to it.

  • We do not discriminate people based on their age, sex, caste, religion and race etc..
  • OEMPL takes responsibility to save natural resources like energy, water, greenery etc..
  • We contribute and support seafarer welfare unions who are working towards seafarer welfare and doing charity work in different part of society.
  • OEMPL is one of the founder members of international Maritime Federation. It is establishing coordination between Ship owner, seafarers Authorities and other entities of Marine world.
  • OEMPL is involved in social development activity.
  • OEMPL hires physically challenged person in its office and develops him or her to match the capabilities and become part of main stream.
  • OEMPL cares for Senior Citizens in the society. Hence we run a program as a part of it every month one employee is given an approved leave & an allowance to be spent on Senior citizens in their family. So that Senor Citizens are not neglected and ignored.




OEMPL has always worked ethically.  We have zero tolerance policy towards unethical approach and practices. Hence we have successfully created a smooth environment of trust for our customers, clients and all the associates. Ethical working system lasts longer and has long lasting benefits as well. Hence OEMPL practices ethical value system in its services.

  • RPSL-MUM-260
    Issued by-Seamen's Employment Office, Mumbai - India


  • 2017-11-09 07:09:20