Training is an integral part of development and achievement and it is a vital aspect of growth in life aand organization. According to us the purpose of Training is to deliver results as expected. OEMPL understands the need and importance of training and hence it has laid down the blueprint of training for its seafarers on various aspects as below;


  • Refreshing knowledge on Safety of Life at Sea.
  • Safety and security of yourself and those around you.
  • Caring about pollution and environment.
  • Improving quality of work through knowledge and motivation.
  • Fulfilling and exceeding on-board expectations.
  • Balancing work life and family life efficiently.
  • Creating awareness amongst seafarers for refreshing certificates and courses on time.
  • Maintaining professionalism On Board as well as On shore.
  • Adhering to schedule and completing signed contract successfully.

  • RPSL-MUM-260
    Issued by-Seamen's Employment Office, Mumbai - India


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    I am working for this company for more than five years.In such a volatile era where people just come and go, there is something special in OEMPL which kept me associated for such a long time...